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Fly-n-Ride Program
Your dream road trip awaits...


Imagine riding in November in the warm Southern California sunshine or late February in Florida. Enjoy the short sleeve weather Arizona offers in early March. You could move to one of these places but you love the Pacific Northwest. For once you can have your cake and eat it too. Our Fly-n-Ride program is designed to get you to those great sunny destinations.



We transport motorcycles to national rallies including Daytona Bike Week, Arizona Bike Week, Sturgis Black Hills Rally and the Laughlin River Run, to name a few. Fly into the nearest airport and there we will be waiting with your bike ready to go. You will have lots of time to discover the local area and have a great time enjoying the rally events.


Riding Down that Long Lonesome Highway

If you are on I-5, I-90 or I-82 you certainly won’t be lonesome. You will have lots of cars, trucks and buses to keep you company. If you are looking for that lonesome highway, give KGM Motorcycle Transport a call. We can let you skip those not so lonesome highways and find those fantastic American Back roads.

Seven Days Vacation

Life is short, vacations are even shorter. Always dreamed of attending those big events – Daytona, Sturgis, Laughlin, but just couldn’t swing the time to ride there, enjoy the event, ride home and still call it fun?

We Can Help You Enjoy More Of What Your Vacation’s For.


Now that you know you want to use KGM Motorcycle Transport to get your motorcycle to its new destination, read on to learn about the dos and don’ts of motorcycle shipping with us…

Shipping Instructions


– You must fill out a signup form.  Make sure the information is accurate.  It is very important that the date & time you will pickup your bike at the destination is correct.  We load your motorcycle in the trailer in the order in which you have declared you will arrive to pick it up.  If you arrive before your stated date/time, your motorcycle may not be available to pick up.  If you arrive later than your stated date/time your motorcycle may have to be left out of the trailer until you arrive.

– Make sure your motorcycle will start and it runs properly.  Nothing is more discouraging than arriving at your destination and your motorcycle will not start.  Be sure the battery is in good shape.

– Repair any oil or fuel leaks.  Leaking oil or fuel is dangerous to our drivers and helpers and could cause an accident. If you know your bike leaks please tell us so we can put a catch under it during transport

– Make sure the overall length of your motorcycle is less than 99 inches, the length of a stock FLH with hard bags and trunk.  If you have extra long pipes you may have to remove them.  If your bike cannot be made to be shorter than 99 inches please contact us.

– Pack an extra set of keys, for both the ignition and security locks.

– Take picture ID.  We may require it for you to pick up your motorcycle.


– Your motorcycle will be shipped in an enclosed specially designed semi-trailer. It is tied down in four places when possible. The suspension is collapsed to some degree much like in the original factory shipping crate. If you have modified the suspension or added accessories that may come in contact with the fenders or tires please make a note of it and attach it
in plain view on the speedometer or fuel tank.

– Run your motorcycle low on fuel before bringing it for loading on the truck. We need less than one gallon of fuel in the fuel tank.

– When you arrive for loading, shut your fuel petcock off and run the motorcycle for approximately one minute to run the carburetor low or out of fuel. If you have fuel injection this is not necessary. We do this to keep the carburetors from overflowing in the trailers and causing a potential hazard.

– Do not lock your forks or steering column. If you do, we will cut the locks or have them opened at your expense. This happens occasionally, especially on the return trip.

– You will be issued a number when you sign up. Be sure to bring the number with you for both claiming your bike at the ride destination and back home. This number will relate to your name, license number, and bags.

– Do NOT load your bike down with luggage, helmets, T-bags etc., this makes it very top heavy and hard to load and tie down. We are happy to take extra gear in bags for you. Tag your bags with your name and number. Loaded bikes will be unloaded.

Back Home

– You must pick up your motorcycle by the time designated on the trucking schedule. After that date there will be a substantial storage charge.

– Be sure to claim your bags, helmets etc. when you pick up your motorcycle.

Directions to KGM Facility

  • • Starting on WA-167 S toward Kent/Auburn (2.0 mi)
  • • Take the E Valley Rd exit toward S 180th St/SW 41st St/Southwest 43rd Street (0.2 mi)
  • • Continue on E Valley Rd. Drive to 80th Pl S in Kent (1.2 mi)
  • • Turn left onto E Rainier Ave S/E Valley Rd
  • • Continue to follow E Valley Rd (0.8 mi)
  • • Continue onto 84th Ave S (0.2 mi)
  • • Turn right onto 80th Pl S
  • • KGM Motorcycle Transport will be on the right.