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Crate & Ship


For shipment to Alaska and Hawaii, over water transportation requires your bike to be fully enclosed in a crate. KGM offers this service. Our crates are constructed out of steel and cardboard. They are top of the line crates made specifically for Harley’s but will accommodate most makes and models. We also offer custom crates for that special crate job if needed. All motorcycles have a minimum of four tie-downs to ensure the safety of your bike.

In the crating process your bike will have the gas drained and the battery disconnected to meet shipping standards. Depending on the bike, some disassembly may be required for it to fit in a crate.

For bikes being shipped to the lower 48 states, transportation may be arranged without a need for crating.



Shipping your motorcycle overseas?

When shipping your motorcycle overseas you will need to get your motorcycle packaged and crated. You can trust us with this because our years of experience crating and shipping motorcycles you can rest assured your bike will be in good hands.

Your shipment needs to be packed to withstand the conventional hazards of shipping and delivery. It must always be completely crated as well as palleted or supported within a fashion that will help it become moved using some sort of forklift or pallet jack port. If you are shipping a item with an engine like a motorcycle, then all fuel needs to be drained and all the other fluids will need to be sealed. The battery needs to be securely fastened inside battery holder on the motorcycle, and be protected ordinary manner as to stop damage and short circuits.

All the bikes are strapped and secured to stop movement while traveling. When the bikes are loaded and unloaded from your shipping container, they are normally moved one at a time using a forklift. Shipping to a number of different overseas countries, sometimes container ships will be the only option. Many motorcycles can easily fit into a 40 foot propagated container, which is a standard container size. In order to get the cost of shipping and delivery a motorcycle from Washington State overseas, we will need to learn the location on the motorcycle and the destination.