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KGM Company Info
Who are we?


KGM Motorcycle Transport is a local Washington Company that specializes in motorcycle and motor sports transportation, assembly and warehousing. We have provided transportation, warehousing and assembly for manufacturers and dealers since 1971. We also crate and ship bikes to Alaska and Hawaii as well as arrange transportation to the lower 48 states.

In 1991 we started our Fly-n-Ride program. KGM transports motorcycles to various motorcycle events around the country such as Arizona Bike Week, Laughlin River Run and the Sturgis Rally, to name a few. Although this part of our business doesn’t provide the most revenue, it is the most fun.



Headquartered in Kent, Washington, KGM Motorcycle Transport is the trusted shipping and delivery company with regard to local Seattle area Harley-Davidson dealers, Suzuki dealers, and individuals. Want to afford your shipment? KGM motorcycle service gives quick online quotes as well as special charges for street motorcycle events and rallies.

Why Choose KGM for your Motorcycle Transport?

There are several motorcycle transport services in the U.S.A. – coming from specialty carry businesses in order to package shipping and delivery companies. Finding a company that is local to the State of Washington and specializes in only motorcycle shipping is going to be your best choice for motorcycle transport.

Often times consumers make use of package shipping and delivery companies, such since UPS or even FedEx in order to ship vehicles considering they are household names. But when you find yourself shipping a motorcycle or ATV, you may wish to choose some sort of specialty carry service that may be trained as well as equipped with regard to larger items.

If you are shipping a small vehicle like a motorcycle, chopper, or ATV, you should choose a business that knows all of the intricacies such as the handlebars, exhaust pipes as well as skis. You also would like to get them to be insured as well as licensed to safeguard you while your motorcycle is in transport.

A motorcycle transport company like KGM that only ships small vehicles guarantees you that the special method of transportation is it being handled by an experienced service. KGM Motorcycle Transport is the motorcycle transport service in which solely ships motorcycles, powersports, and ATVs in the Washington State and the U.S.A with drivers who will be riders them selves.

We’ll get your cycle there and unloaded the same as we send them for motorcycle dealers – power supply connected as well as fluids unchanged – to your desired destination.